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TOPIC: ow mod

ow mod 2 years 9 months ago #315

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Hi. I'd like to take more... In the mod. Scop acog etc. is in that but i'd like to take extra ammo and hybrid scoop.

How can i make this? thank you
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ow mod 2 years 9 months ago #370

  • Sammy
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For starters, assuming you keep all stock versions (none, acog, rds, tubes) you will quickly run out of weapon files. Each attachment will requre1 per weapon. So if you add a holo and extra ammo attachment that takes up two already for one weapon. Note that 'none' is also a unique weapon file. So if you want a holo version of a weapon it would be best to limit it to one in a class as a special weapon that has two or three attachments. An M4 with holo, bigger mags, laser sight. Which will take only one weapon file. For balance, you would need to disable some things like the secondary and perk 1 or nades.

Or another option is to get rid of all AR tube weapons. Each tube requires two weapon files (a GL version with the attachment aimed and the other not). Add an M32 style weapon to perk 1. Tubes disable perk 1 anyways so players arent losing anything. That gives you 11 existing weapon files to work with. The GL attachment file becomes a holo etc.

Assuming you go that route then obviously it will require redoing the models and rigs in Maya to include the holo and laser sight. Also a new ADS animation if the holo reticle isnt in the same exact eye location as either the rds or acog to reuse them. The holo model attachment itself will likely require work to fit the rifle properly. There is a tool that will allow you to import the ads animations (up/down/idle) and reposition the eye point and export as new animations. I forget the name.

So in short, its not easy. There are very big limitations and potentially a lot of give and take if you have a large number of new things to add. I did this in OW2 to get the GL weapon files. There are still players that miss the tubes. But in return they get the option of a rifle RDS attachment AND a tube weapon. I reused the GL files for various new explosives or special weapons. Yes this kind of thing also requires a lot of scripting to adjust to it.

All that said, with the weapon file limits, a holo sight is a waste. You already have an RDS that does the same job. All these things are cost/benefit. Would enough people actually use a holo instead of an RDS to justify all of this work and the extra assets needed that makes the mod bigger. Or would they rather have a couple new player models to choose from? Say if you have a lot of female players. Maybe use the xmodel asset needed (instead of a new holo AR version) for a zombie killstreak. Things that are unique. Enough mods already have holo sights. No need to copy them. Same goes for BO2 and the like. If they like all these neat new weapon models that do nothing new they can go play that and the same old boring maps.
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