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TOPIC: Destrcutible Walls

Destrcutible Walls 2 years 2 months ago #1071

  • Riotranz
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I'm trying to create a destructible wall in the map. By shooting at an explosive model put on the map, the wall will be destroyed, but you can also use your own explosive weapon to destroy the wall.
SO here comes 3 problems.
First is that I know how to make a wall destructible by using trigger_damage but how can I make the wall only break when taking explosive damage and how can I modify the amount of the damage needed to blow up the wall.
Second is that I'm not quite sure if I know how to make a custom explosive models that I can modify its explosion damage and radius. I think that I've seen some tutorials on it but I'm not sure if I can find that again.
The last is that I want to make some models (misc_model prefabs) dissappear after the explosion. I really don't know how can this work.

And somehing irrelevant, I think I need to use the terrain to make a curved roof, is that right?

PS: Well I don't know how I post this in the introduction section LOL. Brodie can u move this topic?
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Destrcutible Walls 2 years 2 months ago #1072

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Hi Riotranz,

for your first question you will find two answers.
First - you can declare them while you creating your trigger and brush construct. select your trigger and bring up entity window by pressing "N" on you keyboard. Hope the Entitie window is self explaining if not let me know.
The otherway is to script it and include or exclude all ways you want the trigger shall react on

Hmmm, trigger radius and damage radius can also be set like i wrote above. But if you want to have specific explosions - use radiants efx editor. Load up any kind of efx you want, change settings u like and save it as the efx you want ( maybe rainbow colored smoke efx or take one of the explosiv efx in your fx folder and make em bigger, smaller with bricks and dirt or without)
To be honest - efx tutorials are very rare - i was introduced by Brodie because he is very well experienced. Have a look for all his water games, fountains, falls and so on.
Keep in mind you wil need:
- one or more efx you like - (like fire-explosion with aa_explosion, brick_1, car_damage_blacksmoke)
- a trigger and/ or a script ( first shall happen efx1 (fire) then efx2 (aa_explosion) and so on) You can timeline them like you know from efx like birds, dust, flies you normaly find in _fx.gsc or as i wrote you do your efx with efx editor and call your fx by script or entitie settings.
- sounds - if you need a custom sound you have to add them by csv or if you use a stock sound you just have to let your script or "entity" to know wich sound has to be played once triggered.

If you need more info please let me know.

Regarding your curved roof - a terrain patch or curved patch work differently.
but both have one great issue - you can look through or better you might not see if there is something because this patch supports one face/side only. So therefore you shall try the following:

make one patch with your curve upside face and duplicate it. Turn the second one arround by x and y axis. Bring them as close together you like/ prefer for you roof. At least watch all 4 or 3 sides for spaces and close this gaps with another patch. for example in this case you select upper patch and then side patch hit "V" on your keyboard.
Important the first one is major and impacts the conduct of the second.
Now you shall see some coloured tiny cubes ( pink and green)

And now step by step select one of the coloured cubes of you top face and one of the tiny cubes next to first you have selected. you shall have a pair of two selected cubes. If so hit "W" on your keyboard. Now this points are merged. Go ahead for each you pair you find and where it makes sense to merge them. ( I guess its useless to say that the amount of the cubes should be the same.)
Once you finished with that progress including all sites and no gap is left - You can select all sides and group them again by hiting "W" on your keyboard - but be carefull -because your surfaces will have now the same direction. Sometime this last step could be usefull sometimes it does not. It depends on what you want in the end.

Hope you find my suggestions helpfull. :)

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Destrcutible Walls 2 years 2 months ago #1075

  • Riotranz
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Thanks :) I'll try this later (I'm suddenly busy for some other business so I'll try it as soon as possible) and report if I have any more questions.
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